Adsorbents remove the moisture from the air by attracting and holding the water to the surface of their particles, or by ion exchange using an Ion-Exchange Resin.

These systems can be broken down into two major categories:

  • Heatless/Pressure Swing Designs-Open System

  • Heat Reactivated/Convection Designs which can be divided into two


These types of systems can also be designed and adapted for any number of liquid dehydration systems.

These dryers use three types of Adsorbents:

  • Activated Alumina

  • Silica Gel

  • Molecular Sieves

A fourth type for more specialized designs is Ion Exchange Resins, which come in various forms for a number of liquid and gas applications.

In a classic dynamic adsorption system, there are three distinct zones: the saturated zone which is in equilibrium with the incoming fluid, the mass transfer zone, and the active zone where no adsorption has occurred.